How Remote Workers Make Work Friends

Although I don’t do it often, if I’m talking in-depth with a friend over Instagram (usually started by chit-chat about a photo!), I’ll click on “video” to surprise him or her. We talk to our parents on the phone, and it helps catch up on our days and what’s going on in our lives so much more clearly than text messages. Start a “water cooler” Slack channel that employees can ‘drop by’ when they need a little pick-me-up or a 2-minute break. Ask how your colleagues’ days are going, offer some relevant news or fun facts, or ask a question everyone can answer.

  • Marisa Franco, Ph.D., was previously a professor at Georgia State University, where she became an academic expert on friendship.
  • You spend half your time battling distractions, and the other half fighting off the guilt that comes from giving in to those distractions.
  • And a recent McKinsey report says that percent of the workforces in advanced economies could work from home between three and five days a week without a loss of productivity.

Think about how your behavior might appear to others so you don’t accidentally offend anyone. For example, it might look like you’re not paying attention if you’re taking notes during a Zoom meeting, so let people know what you’re doing. One benefit of self-organized coworking video sessions is that you won’t have to pay anything extra for them. One-to-one video calls and even group video calls are usually free for an unlimited time on most video platforms. As far as remote working goes, there’s a way of inviting other users into your digital working space to further concentrate your mind.

Podcasts to stay updated with current events

Being the new person in the office is a license to get to know people. Because we work from home now, and we don’t get this chit-chat anymore, we feel like we miss out on current events. While working from home, Dan and I have missed regular chit-chat that we used to have with coworkers and friends. Staying connected with people in your life is the key to a successful work-life balance when you work from home, so always remember to strive for unwinding after a day in your home office. Donut is a cute Slack integration that randomly “sets up” pairs of employees in the Donut channel to go on virtual first dates (that can also be translated into real life).

Be collaborative by starting custom tags, color-coding and setting accurate deadlines. Connecting with people in smaller groups can create more opportunities for one-on-one discussions. “I really just needed someone on the inside to understand there might be a meeting I miss here or there,” he said.

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You’ll find that rising before the sun is a habit shared by most successful people. If you’re a bit of an introvert or you’re already at your computer screen, finding online interest groups is far easier than you anticipated. Most towns and cities have some sort of interest groups that might pique your interest. Whatever you do, don’t shut down or give up on them, but don’t badger them for time. It’s so tempting to pretend everything is going well, but the truth is, what people really respond to is vulnerabilities.

  • If you’re stuck for inspiration, try to recreate rituals you had in work.
  • Whatever you do, don’t shut down or give up on them, but don’t badger them for time.
  • If you’re working or studying remotely and want to make friends, here are a few steps you can take to help you form a more meaningful bond with colleagues.
  • Even if it gets you out of the house, it’s a step in the right direction.
  • You can hold a team-wide gathering, or just chat one-on-one with a team member to find out how they’re doing.
  • Arrange virtual coffees or happy hours to connect with people.
  • Give them their space, and consider connecting with colleagues who are more public and open to interacting on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and beyond.
  • Keep each other up to date on how things are going by using available messaging resources (email, Hangouts, Slack, etc.).

But, he’s practiced working on one job while in a meeting for the other one. John is typically able to complete tasks ahead of schedule, among the reasons that, despite his two jobs, he said he only works around 40 hours a week. We often think likable people are funny or smart or charismatic, but the secret to being likable is actually to like people.

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